Change ANY Color In Lightroom!

Master Color In Lightroom With This Unreal Lightroom Trick

Changing specific colors in Lightroom has always been possible with the HSL panel and camera calibration, but until recently that only let you adjust groups of colors, and then only a certain amount. Changing a yellow bus to a red bus just wasn’t possible. But using this new color brush function in Lightroom takes color editing to a whole new level.

You see, here at Signature Edits, we’re BIG fans of simple. That means when it comes to editing photos, we’ll do almost anything to avoid using photoshop. Just kidding… Kind of!

The truth is when it comes to developing an effective workflow, time is money. And when you find out a way to do something in Lightroom that used to require photoshop, its a pretty big deal! Don’t go another day without checking out this epic trick, which lets you change ANY specific color in Lightroom.

Now you may be asking – Can’t I already change colors in Lightroom using the HSL panel, white balance, or camera calibration? Yes, you absolutely can! But sometimes the HSL panel has some limitations. For example, it won’t let you turn green trees pink, or change a red shirt to a blue shirt. That’s where using adjustment brushes combined with the color brush allows you to take your creativity and your Lightroom color editing to the next level.

Have a Lightroom Trick we haven’t covered? Share it in the comments below!


Change ANY Color In Lightroom!
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