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The Photography Marketing School

Our entire library of photography marketing templates, presets & training resources.


– Drag and drop marketing materials & templates

– Lightroom workflows & presets

– Tested & proven marketing strategies

– Step by step training to help you put it all into action

Its basically a photography business in a box.

Any of these sound familiar?

  • I’m just not getting enough (or any) inquiries!

  • My inquiries aren’t turning into bookings

  • I’m having trouble charging higher prices / figuring out pricing

  • Social media is driving me crazy (And getting me nowhere!)

  • I have no idea how to get clients

  • My branding & marketing needs some serious work – But I don’t have hundreds of dollars for a designer

  • I’m stuck in my other job – Struggling to build my photography business on the side

  • I need more experience – But I can’t get experience if no one will hire me!

  • I struggle to feel confident with paid shoots

  • No matter what I try, my editing just doesn’t look right.

  • I don’t have anyone around to train me / show me how

  • I can’t afford to buy my photography equipment

  • I can’t afford expensive advertising and have no idea HOW to advertise

  • The city /town I’m in is heavily saturated. I struggle with differentiating myself from other photographers

  • I have no idea how to get started

  • I know how to take photos – But how the heck do I run a business?

Did you raise your hand to any (or all) of the above?

Good. You are SO in the right spot.

The Photography Marketing School was designed to help you get off the struggle bus, and show you how to book yourself solid.

Struggling to get more bookings?

There are a TON of courses that teach you how to take better photos…

But none of them actually show you how to build a business!

“When I started my photography business, I thought there must be something wrong with me”

I remember when I decided to start a photography business like it was yesterday…

My vision was to shoot a wedding every week, make a pile of cash and travel the world taking photos at exotic destinations. Easy peasy right?

So I created a website, setup a facebook page, and waited for the weddings to pour in… …Only problem was, no one was booking me. I spent 10 grand on equipment.

But the phone never rang! My email inbox was a sad and lonely ghost town.

I had to get a job washing dishes at a Thai restaurant to pay for my camera gear!

I just couldn’t understand why I wasn’t getting any inquiries.

I knew my photos were just as good as other photographers in my area.

I had some experience and a decent portfolio.

But other photographers with less were reeling in the bookings left and right, while I wasn’t even get a nibble!

Clearly what I was doing wasn’t working – so in my frustration, I started doing some research. I began reading up on marketing, seo and branding, and I totally changed everything.

I wound up booking 25 weddings in my very first year!!!

What was the difference?

Why did the first draft of my business flop and the second one take off? Two words…

Better Marketing.

Since then, I’ve gotten to photograph weddings in some pretty amazing places from Australia to Canada to America. I’ve had a ton of fun in the process, and been able to make a good living doing what I love.

I don’t say this to brag about how awesome I am (I’m really not)

In fact, I’m about the most average photographer you’ll ever meet.

I’m also not the most successful photographer out there.

I don’t have a million followers. I haven’t photographed the Kardashians, and I’m not about to sell my prints for millions.

But I’ve been able to create a full time income doing something I love, and it’s opened the doors to all sorts of awesome experiences.

My guess is you’re probably not trying to become a billionaire or internet celebrity.

You probably just want to be able to take photos – And if you can make decent money doing it, that would be amazing.

If you could make a living doing photography full time – That might even be the dream!

And here’s the best part:

If someone as average as me can do it,

You most definitely can too!

Don’t you wish there were a plug & play, step by step guide for marketing your photography business?

Wouldn’t it be great if you could just download a marketing package in a box, and it contained everything you needed to build your photography business?

– Instead of having to figure everything out from scratch, you could just follow a step by step process for creating your brand.

– Instead of having to design all your marketing materials yourself, you could just customize beautiful pre made templates, and have professional branding WITHOUT spending a fortune on hiring a graphic designer.

– Instead of spending years and tens of thousands of dollars on a photography degree, you could access a 24/7 online library of courses that walk you through every aspect of marketing your business, WITHOUT spending $100k in tuition, or having to sacrifice years of your life.

Wouldn’t that be something you’d be interested in?

This kind of tool would have been a game changer for me in building my business.
The only problem was it didn’t exist!

That’s exactly why I started the Photography Marketing School.

Wow your clients with gorgeous branding materials

Creating your own marketing guides from scratch can take 10+ hours PER GUIDE


(And that’s assuming you’re great with photoshop)

On top of designing your guide, you’ve also got to figure out WHAT TO SAY. This can be the hardest part.

Using our pre made marketing templates you can save all that time and stress with our beautiful drag and drop designs and PRE WRITTEN text. All you have to do is customize your guide following along with the included step by step video tutorials. No crazy design skills required.

The Photography Marketing School includes instant access to ALL our marketing templates.


Yep – Everything you see in our store comes with your membership.


Invoice templates? Check.

Questionnaire templates? Yep.

What to wear guides? You got it.

Logo designs & business cards? You betcha!

Packages & Pricing Guides? Absolutely.

Pre Written Email Sequences? Uh huh.

Lightroom Presets & Workflows? We’ve got those too!


Set your studio apart with beautiful custom marketing materials. Create your own custom client guides for weddings, engagements, family, and portraits. Plus we’re constantly adding to the library as we create new designs.

Build a gorgeous custom brand

in a fraction of the time

(without spending thousands

on custom design work!)

“I have literally booked so many meetings off the guide template just in the past few weeks of using it. The copy is just perfect!”


Jenna Walker


“I absolutely love the pricing template. It has been a game changer for me, and I’ve had SO many potential clients give me amazing feedback after chstomizing it to my brand. It was easy to use, straight forward editing, and provided a look that is complimentary to my style. I appreciate your template so much!”


Jess Casey


“OMG!!!! You have made my life so incredibly easy! Love Love Love these branding templates and LOVE the google form! What a genius way to gather that information!!!”


Jaime Dillmore


Your Brand Is An Experience

Custom guides & branding materials build your brand & book more clients. When we started using custom guidebooks, we saw bookings increase substantially!

Take your marketing up a notch

All our guides are designed for photographers looking to take their businesses to the next level, and seriously up their branding. Once you have beautiful custom guidebooks and marketing materials, you instantly separate yourself from 90% of other photographers out there.

A Better Impression = More Bookings.

Artistically arranged and designed to wow your clients, all our branding templates are created to make the ultimate impression and increase your bookings.

Designed By Photographers.

Our guides are designed by professional photographers who actually use them! We’re HUGE believers in our guidebooks. Why? Because we use them all the time, and they work!

Pre Written Text

Don’t know what to say? We’ve got you covered! Our Photography Guides include professionally written copy (text) that is written to compel your prospective clients and give you a starting point for crafting your own personal message.

Super Easy To Edit!

You can make each template completely your own and customize pretty much every element inside. Its totally customizable and designed to be easy to use. Simply adjust the text, sub in your own images, and you’ll have a totally unique custom brand.

Included Templates:

Over $855 in templates

(& counting)

Wouldn’t it be great to have more bookings than you know what to do with?

Templates & presets will only take you so far. That’s why we’ve put together 12 marketing workshops to walk you through everything from seo, to instagram, to email marketing (and much, much more)


We’ll give you the exact roadmap inside our SEO Workshop.


Want to know how you can grow a monthly audience of 500k+ potential clients on Pinterest?

We’ll show you how we did it (And how you can too) in our Pinterest Marketing Workshop.


Struggling with your website design?

Learn the key ingredients to crazy effective website design that will position your photography as a must-have, instead of just like every other photographer.


No idea what to say in your emails?

Let me show you the approach I used to practically triple my email response rate, and access pre written email sequences & templates for weddings & family!


Instagram got you pulling your hair out?

Grab tools & strategies to skyrocket your engagement, build your following, and actually get some results from all that work you put into social media


Client meetings make your stomach turn?

Discover our simple 11 step process for converting your prospective clients into red hot buyers who can’t WAIT to book with you (and never struggle with client meetings again.)


Want to create a steady stream of referrals & leads?

Its not who you know – In our Vendor Networking Workshop you’ll learn the keys to building your referral pipeline and getting listed on preferred vendors lists.

We know you’re busy building a business, so every workshop is designed to give you the practical tools and strategies to get you maximum results in the shortest possible time.

Its basically all the tools & training you need to 2X, 5X and even 10X your inquiries and then consistently turn them into bookings.

Included Training:

“My experience with Signature edits has been outstanding! Ryan delivers a very personal touch with what he does, and makes me feel like he truly cares and wants me to succeed. His material delivers detailed, actionable steps I can take to grow my business, and his marketing package provided plug-n-play branding templates and material that will help take anyone’s photography business off the ground. He’s been excellent at responding to emails and questions, and I have already learned so much from his videos and my communications with him. Thank you Ryan!”

– Joel Arencibia

Lets talk about your other options…

You could hire a career coach to help you through the process, spending $100+/hr and up to $1,000+ per month…

You could go get a bachelors in photography or other advanced education and spend $70-100k (not to mention 3-4 years of your life you’ll have to invest…)

You could read dozens of books and binge watch youtube hoping to figure it out through trial and error…. probably wasting a lot of time and possibly never figuring it out.

You could even do a weekend workshop and spend $1000-$2500+ for a few days!

The truth is, nothing changes if nothing changes.

That means if you want to hit your big goals & create a career doing something you love…then you need to do something DIFFERENT than what you’ve already been doing.

I want you to take a moment and imagine a world where you could…

Dramatically grow your website visitors in less than ONE hour per week.

Constantly draw in new folks who are excited about the work you create and can’t wait to come back for more.


Authentically stand out above the noise.

You’re no longer struggling to get your work noticed. You’re consistently get your photoshoots published using a proven strategy. You receive referrals from all over town, and have a steady stream of inquiries.


Continually grow your business in an organic way that’s totally free (say whaaa?)

You’re seeing consistent growth in your website visitors & social media (fo’ free) using the new strategies you’ve learned.


Have extra hours in your day

You’re no longer spending all your time on social media that gets no results. You have the knowledge you need to create amazing content, engage with your audience and spend time enjoying life away from your business, knowing it will continue growing even in your absence.


Feel confident in your strategy.

No more second guessing or spending hours on pointless research. You finally know that what you’re doing is efficient and effective.


Turn your photography into your full-time career.

You’ve achieved what most people aren’t willing to do! You’ve built your own successful business and now you’re able to do photography full time (And make a pretty good living too!)


Yep. F’real.

While these probably would help, they’re crazy expensive! Plus, none of them come with a guarantee. You might waste time & money only to find it doesn’t work.

You’ve got two choices here…


You could keep trying to figure all of this stuff out on your own (which often takes even the most hard-working and intelligent people years to do).




You can steal these strategies, templates & step by step roadmaps, and get massive results in a fraction of that time.


Think about where you want to be six months from now…or even ONE month from now.


What will you choose?


Select your package to get started.

Maybe you’re on the fence…

After all, you probably want to be sure its actually going to work before you spend your hard earned cash, right?

We totally get it. That’s exactly your purchase comes with a 30 day guarantee.

Lets be real for a second…


You’ve probably bought some presets, templates or training before, and been disappointed with the results.


What makes this any different?


Well for starters, this isn’t just a set of presets that leave you hanging.


Its a full package business in a box – Jammed with so many business tools that even if you only use 10% of whats inside, you’ll STILL be getting your money’s worth.


But even more than all that,


What’s inside our Photography Marketing School actually works. (And we guarantee it.)


Apply what’s inside and we guarantee you’ll see significant results in your business.


If for any reason you aren’t 100% SATISFIED with the results you see after using what’s inside, simply show us you applied the strategies but didn’t see results within 30 days of your purchase, & we’ll give you full refund.





Sound good?


Sign up now and start applying the practical, step by step strategies to build your business and get results.


Lets do this thing.

Join hundreds of photographers

doing the work they love.

"As my artist's statement explains, my work is utterly incomprehensible and is therefore full of deep significance" -Calvin + Hobbs
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